Carpet Cleaning – Top 7 Reasons to use a professional carpet cleaner

Written by on 25 Apr 2013

Carpet  and upholstery cleaning  – top

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Carpet Cleaning should not be put off until the carpet looks dirty. By then, millions of microorganisms, microbes, and all kinds of pathogens may have built up in the carpet and could cause serious health problems, especially for the young, the elderly, or people suffering from allergies.

Regular cleaning is considered by all the experts to be the most effective way to preserve the beauty of your carpet and extend its useful life. Most people understand this, but many simply do not know what to do, or when and how carpet cleaning should be done.

Sometimes a do-it-yourself approach is favored, and this is good for frequent, routine carpet cleaning maintenance. There are many small portable household appliances that will be quite suitable for this.

It is always best, however, to follow the advice and recommendations of the biggest carpet manufacturers. They all maintain that carpet cleaning by a certified professional should be done at least once every 12 to 18 months depending on prevailing circumstances.

Here are seven valid reasons:

  1. Professional carpet cleaners are usually trained in the science and art of carpet cleaning, and certified by a recognized authoritative organization.
  2. They will use powerful equipment that will lift out deep down deposits from the carpet and upholstery and thoroughly remove all residues.
  3. They will use only safe, approved and effective chemicals. This is a very important consideration. Use of inappropriate chemicals could lead to negative reactions that could cause stains to be permanently fixed to the carpet fibres. Many other harmful consequences could ensue, including permanent damage to the carpet.
  4. Household typecarpet cleaners are not powerful enough to develop the high temperatures and vacuum necessary to do a good deep carpet cleaning job. 
  5. Professional carpet cleaners are trained in how to identify the various types of carpet fibres, and will know how to apply appropriate measures and systems to clean them properly.
  6. They are skilled, practiced, and well-informed in the techniques of stain removal. We all know by now, that different stains may require specialty chemicals to effect complete removal.
  7. Carpet cleaning once every twelve to eighteen months by a certified professional carpet cleaner using the deep steam truck mounted system, is necessary to satisfy the carpet manufacturers warranty.


So, while it is important and very wise to clean your carpet frequently with a household portable machine, remember that this should only be considered to be light interim maintenance for esthetics. Deep steam cleaning is essential and should never be totally neglected.

Cost is often a major factor, but consider this. What is the relative value of preserving your health and extending the life of your carpet?

Just make sure the company is licensed, bonded, insured. All Chemdry cleaning technicians are fully trained to the world famous Chemdry standards.

Review the seven reasons enunciated above, and evaluate the merits of using the world’s number one  carpet cleaning company. 

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