Help! How can I make the place look presentable in just half an hour ..?!

Written by on 5 Oct 2012

Maybe your home is up for sale and a viewing is booked?

Or perhaps an important client is due at your business?

Whatever the situation, when you need to get the house – or office – looking presentable, but you don’t have time for a thorough clean & polish, you need a game plan!

Although it may be too late for Chem-Dry Havering to pop round and clean those carpets and sofas for you this time, there ARE still things you can do to make the place look clean & tidy in just 30 minutes!

  • Start the Clock!

As time is short and you are going to be working against the clock, set a timer for 30 minutes then ……..Go, Go Go!!

  • Begin with the messiest place

Take a deep breath and then take a good look around, identifying the areas that need to be tidied up immediately. Dealing with them first ensures

that the worst areas are spotless, just in case your guests arrive early. Also, right at the beginning of your speed cleaning exercise, take care to tidy up the entrance to your home or workplace, so that it is both clean and welcoming.  Spritz a little of our gorgeous Chem-Dry® Lemon Grove Carpet Deodoriser to remove stale odours and give a great, fresh, first impression.

  • Remove All Clutter

Take a big bag or box and go through all the rooms that your visitors are likely to see. Throw in all the items that do not belong to that room – books, clothes, filing, shoes, toys and anything else that needs to go somewhere else. Put them all in and then stow them away in a cupboard or the garage  to be sorted out later. Don’t waste time now by  putting them back in their proper places.

  • Open the windows

Think like Elbow and “throw those curtains wide” to let plenty of light in and, if weather permits, open the windows wide too.  If it’s a gloomy day, switch on the table lamps to add a warm “glow”  and make the place look welcoming.

  • Hide the ironing

 If your 30 minute tidy-up is in your  home and you’re anything like us, there’ll be an ironing pile lurking somewhere! It won’t get done before your visitors arrive – so hide it!  A wardrobe, the shed, garage or even tumble dryer are all great for this!

  • Change What Needs Changing

Take a quick look and remove all linen – sheets, tablecloths, cushion covers or towels that may be dirty or shabby and replace them with fresh .  Get rid of old newspapers & magazines into the recycling  and maybe “dress your coffee table to impress” with some new lifestyle magazines or “talking point” books.  In the bathroom, replace the soap with a fresh bar or make sure the dispenser is topped up.  Replace the loo roll with a new one. . Discard wilted flowers and replace with fresh ones if you have them (those arrangements you can buy in their own container are ideal when time is short).

  • Do a Quick Check

After you’ve finished changing and replacing things, take a quick tour through the house and see if anything else needs to be done. Pick up any odds and ends that may still be lying around. Check for any extra dusty surfaces that may be visible and run a quick cloth over them and run the vacuum cleaner over the carpets or rugs.

Remove any sticky, dirt-attracting marks from the carpets or rugs with our  legendary “World Famous Chem-Dry® Spot Remover” (get your free can from our web-site now).  Follow the instructions on the can and remember to dab at the marks – NEVER rub at them.

  • Add Some Special Touches

Now that everywhere that needs to be is looking reasonably neat, clean and tidy, you may want to add some special touches, especially, if you have the time to spare. If you’re having people over for dinner, this would be a good time to set the table. Maybe, light some subtly fragranced candles and put on some background music to create the ambience you want to achieve.

And you’re done, just in time  …. there goes the door-bell!

Of course, this half hour “quick-fix” clean-up isn’t a substitute for  a complete cleaning session but it is a big help when entertaining on the spur of the moment or just  when you don’t have the energy or motivation to really go to town on the housework. So, the next time you need to tidy up – fast – use these simple steps to ensure that your home or offices looks neat and presentable in just 30 minutes!



If you have a little more time available however and you really need our help …

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(or pick up the phone)

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