Shampoo – Great for your hair…… (Bad for your carpets!)

Written by on 21 Oct 2012

Here’s why ….

Think of the amount of shampoo

you use to wash your hair.


A small amount in the palm of your hand – a little goes a long way. Then consider how much WATER you have to use to rinse it away! Gallons.  So … imagine if shampoo or detergent were used to clean your precious carpets.  All that wet, soapy mess followed by an even wetter rinsing process that completely soaks the carpets, takes ages to dry and then leaves behind a soapy, sticky residue that attracts dirt back to it like a magnet.  Before you know it, your carpets are grubby again, even faster than ever!  Not good.

Compare that with the low-moisture, green & clean

system used by Chem-Dry Havering with our simply unique

cleaning solution ”The Natural”

As the name suggests, “The Natural” is  naturally-based, safe and non-toxic.  It’s carbonated, so contains millions of tiny bubbles.  The amazing cleaning power of “The Natural” creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans your carpets in an effective, yet gentle way.  Because the bubbles in our fabulous low-moisture cleaning solution do all the work, we don’t need to use the old-fashioned soapy cleaning systems that steam cleaners or D.I.Y machines rely on so much.  Carpets cleaned using “The Natural” dry more quickly and contain no residues, so stay cleaner for longer.

So – why subject your carpets to a sticky “shampoo & set”, when you can refresh and revive them with a spa treatment instead?

“The Natural” – only from Chem-Dry

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